Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland, with over 180 clinics and 9,000 healthcare professionals. 


Following the acquisition of a large competitor and subsequent re-organisation, Tervestalo headquarters required extensive remodelling to facilitate their transforming working methods. We worked deeply with the project steering group to define the changing organisational needs, and develop a concept that would allow their new ‘tribal’ work-group system to function. We replace several areas of open-office space with project spaces where project-specific groups from across departments could meet regularly; using the same location weekly allows the teams to quickly mentally switch to the project at hand and continue working where they left off. Huge glass white boards allow each team to leave their concepts in the space, hidden behind translucent curtains that line 3 sides of each project room, which also enhance the acoustic performance of the space.


The new project spaces open out into a central ‘hub’ space that we created to allow the management team to come together, promoting ad-hoc meetings and information flow. The ‘hub’ also includes a studio-like stage area where live presentations can be broadcast to offices across the nation; essential in a decentralised corporation. The design vibe we created reflects the shift of the organisation’s mentality to one of more creative feedom, flexible and dynamism.


Client: Terveystalo 

Our Role: Interior designers.

Location: Graniittitalo, Kamppi, Helsinki

Completed: Spring 2018

Project size: 1500m2 approximately


Kari Hintikka, Director of Real Estate, Terveystalo

“ Co-operation between our project team and Itu Design’s professional staff went really well and we got a lot of excellent ideas, how to implement our targets to real life ”


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