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Hi, I’m Robin Wycherley, Workplace Interior Architect, and founder of Itu Design.

My Story

It was 2008. I was a freelance architect working on new-building projects in Helsinki. Then the financial crisis hit.

Overnight, all my projects were cancelled.

The following weekend, a newspaper article revealed how over a million square metres of office space lay vacant in the metropolitan area. Perhaps bringing new life to unused spaces would be more satisfying than creating new buildings?

I soon began consulting for Finland’s top Interior Architecture firm. I learnt the principles of workspace design, working for high profile clients. Helping client organisations go through incredible transformations was incredibly rewarding – I was hooked!

By 2013 I had been appointed to my own office projects, first leading the design of Euroclear’s Helsinki office, and soon after responsible for refurbishing 7,000m2 for Visma. A steady flow of clients has followed since. Most recently Itu Design has served clients included Samsung, Lenovo, AbbVie and Takeda.

OUR Values


By keeping workflow to a few projects per year we have time and attention to nurture each case.


By remaining compact we give a dynamic and bespoke service, appreciated by our clients.


Punching above our weight has led to an impressive list of satisfied global corporate clients.


We are experts in one field only.


Private ownership means we’re unrestricted by management structures.


Strong technical background puts us ahead of competitors, delivering smart solutions grounded in reality.


Operating in one niche allowed us to create rock-solid processes for delivering quality solutions every time, allowing us to focus on creativity.


Ecological policies are at the heart of what we do. The construction industry is inherently polluting, accounting for 35% of CO2 emissions globally. As workplace Interior Architects we have a great responsibility to do everything possible to positively impact the environment. Our policies include:

 🌱 Reuse

We mainly work on existing buildings, bringing new life our current building stock.

🌱 Less
We minimise construction work through the smart use of existing layouts.

🌱 Decisions
We encourage our clients to make impactful decisions: promoting hybrid working policies to minimise their workspace footprint and employee commutes.

🌱 Products
We specify ecological products. Our favorites include recycled carpeting, and furniture with fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

🌱 Energy
We allocate budget to improving lighting with low energy solutions.

🌱 Action
We act responsibly, minimising work travel through online meetings, and optimising trips. When we do travel it’s by electric car or public transport.

🌱 Optimisation
We’ve optimised our home-office setups to include ergonomic workstations and double displays to ensure we’re effective without daily travel to a studio.

Let’s talk!

I’d love to hear about your workplace challenges. Book an online Teams meeting through the link. There’s no cost and no obligation. 

“ Thanks to Itu super team for your outstanding collaboration and such professional work during the whole process. ”

Jukka Toivanen

Jukka Toivanen
CFO, Takeda

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