You're not alone

Many corporate tenants face these challenges. Outdated layouts, inefficient use of space, and lack of employee-centered design can result in decreased morale, low attendance and difficulty attracting and retaining top talent. And many premises are simply the wrong size: underused or overcrowded.

Examples of itu design's development presentations

We develop your designs together through a series of workshops and check-point meetings

A magnet for talent

It's time to create a work place that represents your organisation's heart, where workers come together motivated to create and learn together. And where individuals can be sure they'll find the ideal space that supports their tasks, whether collaborative or focused work. A place they choose to come to rather that working from home. A magnet for new talent.

A legacy

But as a CEO, Country Leader, Finance or HR Director you don't have expertise in office planning. Defining your needs is a mine-field. Searching for new premises exhausting. And such a project must be full of risk: of out-of-control time schedules and escalating costs.

Examples of itu design's project planning material.

Our projects follow a predetermined process, ensuring your time schedule and budget stay on track

We're here to help

During the last ten years we've helped over 50 organisations create inspirational offices. And now we are proud to present Itu Design's Services to you. We've collated everything we've learnt into service packages that you can trust to deliver. With predefined check points, meetings and steps, our processes allow you to relax knowing nothing will be left to chance.

Our services include:

Investigation and planning phase

Analysing your needs and developing your brief

Reviewing premises options and producing test layouts

Creating concept layouts and space plans

Developing your project time schedule and identifying milestones

Developing your workplace strategy, vision and targets

Coordinating your needs with your landlord

Detailed Design Phase

Creating a unique design concept

Producing 3d visuals and concept images

Developing detailed interior designs and selecting materials, colours and products

Designing unique features, branded elements and theme walls

Producing bespoke kitchen designs and selecting materials

Implementation phase

Collecting offers and liaising with suppliers

Tracking your budget and progress reporting

Reporting to your global team

Attending design review meetings

Attending technical meetings with AV, IT & Security
Supporting your exit from your current premises

Furniture and purchases

Appraising your current furniture for reuse

Producing a details furniture design concept

Producing RFPs and liaising with suppliers

Supplying furniture through our sister company Space2

Change Management & Employee Engagement

Employee surveys

Employee & leadership interviews

Employee engagement sessions & workshops

Your next step

Regardless of your project size, time schedule or ambition, our projects begin with a short discovery call. We'll examine your unique needs and discover if we are the right fit for your project. Book your discovery call now through the link below – let's explore the possibilities!

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“Itu Design created an exceptional workplace that reflects our employee feedback,

local culture and global corporate standards.”

Photo of Rob Fennessy smiling, wearing a smart suit.

Rob Fennessy
Facility Planning & Execution Manager


Did you know?

'Itu' means 'sprout' or 'new shoot' in Finnish. 'Itu' represents our commitment to fostering development – transforming projects from seedling ideas into flourishing, realised spaces. 'Itu' captures our dedication to collaboration, fairness, and responsibility.

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