A photograph of an open-plan work space, designed for Figure by Itu Design

How to Plan Your Office Project Budget

This article explains what you may need to include in your office project budget, helping you to avoid office project budget pitfalls and keep track of your budget from day one.

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Colour photograph of the offie we designed for Figure. We see a meeting room with peach walls and carpet and fresh lighting.

Five Simple Changes Our Clients Are Making

This article explains five simple changes our clients are making to their offices. These changes are often affordable and easy to implement, yet have big impacts on office usability.

example test fit plans produced by itu design

The 7 Pitfalls of Test-Fit Planning

his article explains the seven most common mistakes of test fit planning (and we share how to avoid them ensuring you get your leasing space filled quickly)

An example of an office markeint plan made by itu design

Our Marketing Plan Checklist

We've made hundreds of marketing plans for vacant office space. What do we include every time? Here's our check list. (steal it if you like!)

Dun & Bradstreet Office Helsinki – a photo of the lounge area.

How to Empower Your Team In An Office Project

In the heart of Helsinki, Dun & Bradstreet embarked on a mission to create a new workspace. Read on to discover their techniques for engaging employees and ensuring success.

Office Relocation Project Foundation Workshop

Our 50 minute live workshop sets you up for success in your office relocation project. Perfect for leaders, office managers, HR and Finance professionals. Follow the link. (It's Free)